Science on Stage Canada/Science sur Scène Canada (SoSC)  

From educators to educators

Networking to share, learn and access diversified resources

  • SoSC offers a network  which brings together the best minds in STEM education to inspire young people to explore science and technology by providing educators with tools to transform their classrooms into innovative learning environments. For an overview of a SoSC festival, see the 2014 festival in St-Hyacinthe, Québec  Science on stage Canada 2014.
  • During our biennials called festivals , educators have the opportunity to share with one another their winning and engaging practices with their Canadian and European colleagues at Science on Stage Europe.

Jalson Lima, Montréal, Québec at Science on Stage Canada 2018, Saskatchewan, Canada

  • All grade levels (preschool to college) passionate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) educators are invited to showcase their exemplary teaching practices at the Science on Stage in Canada and in Europe.  

Paul Stinson, Calgary, Alberta at Science on Stage Europe 2019, Portugal

  • SoSC is one of 35 Science on Stage Europe member countries see the video What is Science on Stage? Biennials festivals take place nationally and internationally access Countries / Science on Stage Europe
  • Science on Stage Canada/Science sur Scène Canada (SoSC) is a non-profit organisation, since 2008;
  • To participate to any Science on Stage events, candidates are subject to rigorous selection process which entails submitting and presenting an engaging and motivating project or an activity which has been tried out in the field with learners. See Paul Stinson’s video from his participation at Science on Stage Cascai in Portugal in 2019
  • Science on Stage/Science sur Scène Canada seeks to 
    • Develop a responsible and autonomous citizen in a perspective of sustainable personal and professional development (Lifelong Learning) (quote from Dr. Johanne Patry, Ph.D.)
    • Prepare future generations to solve problem which occur in our ever changing world

Johanne Patry Chief Canadian delegation and Élisabeth Jobin, Véronique Corbeil, Geneviève Lapointe-Larouche at Science on Stage Europe, Prague 2022

Science on Stage Canada/Science sur Scène Canada (SoSC)