An overview of Science on stage Europe 2019 

This non-profit organization was born in 2000 and has reached more than 100,000 teachers across Europe and Canada. Its biennial festivals are educational science fairs for and by participants which have been held for instance in Prague, Portugal, Hungary, Germany-Poland, London and Copenhagen, among others. 

Science on Stage Europe believes that the best way to improve science education and encourage more students to consider a career in science and engineering is to motivate and inform their teachers. 

In addition, four Science on Stage Canada/Science sur Scène Canada (SoSC) delegates were honored in Europe. 

Johanne Patry, Science on Stage Berlin 2007. Project: Out in Space. Category: Self-perception in the Teaching Process.


Diane Marie Campeau, Science on Stage London, 2015. Project: The land is the teacher : Indigenous Pedagogy using Science as a door for interdisciplinarity. Category : Inclusive Science

Paul Stinson, Science on Stage Prague 2022. Space exploration from small scale to large scale with Carolina Clavijo Aumont, Spain Category: Joint Project Highly commendable 

Véronique Corbeil and Geneviève Lapointe-Larouche, Science on Stage Prague 2022. Project: Energy + Force = Birdie. Category : Highly Commendable, Science for the Youngest. 

How to attend a Science on Stage Europe event

Attending Science on Stage in Europe is a wonderful opportunity to share innovative practices with our fellow teachers.

Paul Stinson, Science on stage Europe, Portugal  2019

Festivals are rich in information and ideas that can be exported to our own classrooms. See also About Festivals

  • Each country selects their own educators as representative.
  • Each country has a given quota of delegates. Canada can send no more than 4 delegates. 
  • The call for Canadian delegates is sent one year before a European event to all of those who have participated to an SoSC event.
  • Only educators who have attended one of the editions of Science on Stage Canada can apply. 
  • The potential delegate must submit only to Science on Stage Canada.
  • A Canadian selection committee will choose the best projects/educators to represent Canada. 
  • In Europe, the delegate’s hotel, registration and some meals during the event are covered by the host organization of Science on stage Europe.
  • The delegate must find their own funding to travel to Europe and other expenses not covered by Science on Stage Europe..
  • SoSC agrees to write letters of support to delegates who wish to contact potential sponsors.

For more information contact by email:

Dr. Johanne Patry, Ph.D.,

Vice-chair Science on Stage Canada

Head of the Canadian delegation,

Director of International Affairs Science on Stage Canada

Johanne Patry, Élisabeth Jobin, Véronique Corbeil et Geneviève Lapointe-Larouche

Science on Stage Prague, 2022

Huguette Thibeault, Suzanne Nottaway, Johanne Patry, Paul Stinson Science on stage Europe 2019, Portugal