Project Experience

Title: Project Experience

Subject: Any Subject

Level: Any age group

Type: Teaching strategy

Our project helps students take ownership in their learning by collaborating with students to create science and math experiences. Designing a project experience, centered on students’ interests, results in investment in learning and increased engagement for children involved. We focused on working with students in a childcare setting (3, 4 and 5 year olds), and making unlikely links to our own school-age classes.

In one instance, we began by presenting students with earthworms and allowed them to explore and form questions. Children shared their past experiences and knowledge, and through discussion with each other and teachers decided what they wanted to know more about. What are students wondering? Through this initial introduction additional outings and experiences were planned.

The project approach allows for incorporation of multiple outcomes as well as interdisciplinary teaching. Students have the opportunity to practice observation, questioning, predicting, investigating, creating, recording, analyzing and communicating results. In addition to gaining experience in science and math these skills have benefits of being transferable. Literacy and art are reinforced while researching, labeling, explaining, drawing, painting, modeling or otherwise representing their findings. Sparking wonder and encouraging the ability to ask questions, and create plans based on questions is a powerful tool at any age. Starting with the youngest learners allows them to develop confidence with these skills in an open supportive environment.

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Snow snakes: Incorporating movement for greater understanding and cross-curricular learning.

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