Science on Stage Canada Festival 2015 (SoSC5) in Saskatoon at STEMfest

If you're an educator who has activities or projects, big or small, and have a great reaction from the learners, please come and share your work.


September 30, 2015 - 12:00 am


October 1, 2015 - 12:00 am


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada   View map


Yes… Newton’s 1st law is the same the world over BUT maybe someone has a new way of teaching it.

Science on Stage Canada hosts its 5th edition during Sept 30th and Oct 1st 2015 in Saskatoon collaborating with a host of partners within STEMFest  (Sept 27th to Oct 3rd).

If you’re an educator who has activities or projects, big or small, and have a great reaction from the learners, please come and share your work.

What kind of educator can participate? Any educator who…

  • Is from the formal and informal education fields (for a definition see FAQ)
  • Applies with learners of any age (K-adults) cool activities related to education in science, technology, engineering, environment, and mathematics (ESTEEM). The activities can last 5 minutes to months. Size has no importance. The positive effects do greatly.
  • Will present a stand with his or her project during the two days event
  • Will attend all the activities during the event (see  Temporary schedule for SoSC5)

Is there funding?

A sum of 375$ will be alloted to each educator who has an innovative activity. The breakdown of this amount is as follows:

  • Registration: 175$ which must be paid in advance, will be reimbursed after full attendance to the event. The fees cover entry to all Science on Stage Canada and STEMFest events (Sept 30th and Oct 1st), snacks, two lunches, and the banquet on Sept 30th.
  • The 200$ left can be used for: transportation, substitute, lodging and/or meals. Receipts are required. Materials are not included.

What is the selection process for participant to SoSC5?

The proposed activity must be:

  • Innovative
  • Creative
  • Foster learners’ engagement in science.

The activities must be submitted before September 2015. SoSC has limited funds therefore, application for funds must be done as soon as possible. Once the funding purse is empty, we will not be able to help financially.

Submitting procedure

  1. Fill in SoSC’s registration form (see Registration form)
  2. The selection committee will chose educators for funding, and educators. Educators will at once be advised of their status.
  3. The chosen participants will then fill in the registration on the STEMFest website. All participants must pay in advance the registration fees of 175$ on the STEMFest website. Participants who have been chosen for funding will have their registration fees reimbursed at the closing of the SoSC event for their full participation.




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