• bwLina_Plaisance200x200

    Lina Plaisance

    I knew then that the most important thing was to know why my experiment did not occur properly.
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  • bwSophieMartin_200x200

    Sophie Martin

    I teach almost all subjects to grade 4 students at College Bourget in Quebec. I have been teaching there for 10 years.
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  • bw03_tom_eagan_200x200

    Tom Eagan

    Tom is a big fan of the Perimeter Institute, and has worked with their outreach team bringing their resources to life in his classroom, and educating other teachers about them.
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    Aditi Garg

    Aditi teaches high school math in French immersion and is passionate about youth engagement with nature in any subject.
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  • bwAnjuli Ahooja200x200

    Anjuli Ahooja

    Currently the AP Physics teacher at Appleby College, an elite Independent School in Oakville, Ontario.
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  • bwBrigitte Loiselle200x200

    Brigitte Loiselle

    Brigitte is part of a team at The Centre de développement pédagogique (CDP)
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  • bwBryan_Chappell200x200

    Bryan Chappell

    “Religion without science is blind; science without religion is lame.” Albert Einstein
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  • bwCarly Deboice_200x200

    Carly DeBoice

    I am interested in creating opportunities for teens to engage with science and technology in purposeful ways.
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  • bwChristie McClure200x200

    Christie McClure

    We favour an application-based approach in our physics classroom by trying to engage students in as many hands-on and authentic activities as possible.
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  • bwClayton Ellis200x200

    Clayton Ellis

    I have been exploring various avenues that allow students to connect with their peers around Canada as well as globally
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  • bwCristina_Mourelle200x200

    Cristina Mourelle

    In my youth, I had two passions: nature and teaching.
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  • bwDianaHall_200x200

    Diana Hall

    I derive equations for solving problems and then focus a bit on space-time diagrams to illustrate similiar problems.
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  • bwDiane Campeau200x200

    Diane M. Campeau

    Diane Campeau has contributed to various projects in QC and BC particularly regarding Indigenous education.
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  • bwDimitri200x200

    Dimitri Anastopoulos

    Dimitri is part of a team at The Centre de développement pédagogique (CDP).
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  • bwÉric Morrissette200x200

    Éric Morissette

    Éric and his team demonstrate how students can get involved in creating an experiment and analyzing and designing a technical object.
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  • bwErin Cameron200x200

    Erin Cameron

    We favour an application-based approach in our physics classroom by trying to engage students in as many hands-on and authentic activities as possible.
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  • bwGlenGuthrie_200x200

    Glenn Guthrie

    I create and facilitate school science and technololgy economy projects in five communities in the Northwest Territories.
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  • bwHan Chau200x200

    Han Chao

    Appleby College is focused on global education and on integration of technology into the curriculum.
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  • bwHuguette_200x200

    Huguette Thibeault

    As a college teacher for over 35 years, Huguette has established environmental partnerships with various scientific and research communities.
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  • bwJean-Daniel Doucet200x200

    Jean-Daniel Doucet

    Chemistry education aimed at kids 10 to 19 years old .
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  • bwJohanne Patry_200x200

    Johanne Patry

    I favor projects and activities during which the learner is exponentially involved in the exploration aspect of science and technology of the world around them.
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  • bwJulie_Bertrand200x200

    Julie Bertrand

    The science projects are the ones the students remember the most and learn the most from.
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  • bwjulie_bolduc_duval200x200

    Julie Bolduc-Duval

    I teach physics and astronomy in a CEGEP.
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  • bwLarry_Bogdan200x200

    Larry Bogdan

    Science is a valuable way to answer questions and learn about the world around us.
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  • bwLizWirtenen_200x200

    Liz Wirtanen

    I teach Science and Technology to 6 groups of regular grade 8 students, ages 13 and 14.
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  • bwLouis Laroche_200x200

    Louis Laroche

    Problem-based woodworking gives students a rock solid reason to become interested in math skills, to apply their knowledge in real life situations
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  • bw OCTAS-MF_200_200

    Mathieu Fortin

    Mathieu is part of the group that designed the game Parallèle.
  • bwMichelle_Olchowski200x200

    Michelle Olchowski

    I am always looking for ways to make the topics we are learning more readily accessible and engaging, and I know science on stage will help.
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  • NicoleHancock

    Nicole Hancock

    Nicole is the Executive Director of Safe Drinking Water Foundation, a Canadian charity that sends water testing kits to schools across Canada and educates students and the general public about drinking water quality issues and solutions
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  • bwPatrickFrenet_200x200

    Patrick Fernet

    ISPAJES has received 10 prestigious prizes in Canada, including the 2002 Michael-Smith award.
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  • bwPeter_MacDonald200x200

    Peter MacDonald

    Keen on developing a strong physics program that both develops critical thinking and prepares students for university academics.
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  • bwRobin st-Pierre200x200

    Robin St-Pierre

    I am a science teacher with a B.Sc. in Physics
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  • admin-ajax

    Roger Guay, Dr

    Dr, Guay often advises consulting firms in soil characterization studies with regards to the fate of sulfur compounds
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  • bwRon_Chatterson200x200

    Ron Chatterson

    Ron has a strong belief in the value of trades and his primary educational role was to introduce students to trades as a potential career.
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  • bwSally_Meadows200x200

    Sally Meadows

    Creating and delivering innovative science programming for kids and youth for over 14 years
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  • bwSarahTorrie_200x200

    Sarah Torrie

    I am part of the Toronto Biotech team which is working to include more biotechnology in high school science.
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  • bwSteve_Elton200x200

    Steve Elton

    The Safe Drinking Water Foundation (SDWF) is a charitable organization whose mission is to encourage the universality of safe drinking.
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  • bwStuart_Farmer200x200

    Stuart Farmer

    A leading member of the Optoelectronics College, developing innovative practical work and learning activities for students and related professional development activities for teachers.
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  • bwTim Molnar_200x200

    Tim Molnar

    Tim is committed to teacher education with a special interest in First Nations perspectives and problem based learning.
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  • bwTinaRioux_200x200

    Tina Rioux

    In 2008/2009, I brought one group of students to the CLS for Students on the Beamlines.
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  • bwtracy walker200x200

    Tracy Walker

    My role is to develop and deliver innovative educational programming for students and educators.
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  • bwUte Haensler_200x200

    Ute Haensler

    Ute represents Science on Stage Deutschland e.V
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  • bwWojceik Nawrocik_200x200

    Wojciech Nawrocik

    Science on Stage Europe brings together science teachers from across Europe to share best practice in science teaching.
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