• Chemistry education aimed at kids 10 to 19 years old .
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  • bwLina_Plaisance200x200

    Lina Plaisance

    I knew then that the most important thing was to know why my experiment did not occur properly.
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  • bwSophieMartin_200x200

    Sophie Martin

    I teach almost all subjects to grade 4 students at College Bourget in Quebec. I have been teaching there for 10 years.
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  • bw03_tom_eagan_200x200

    Tom Eagan

    Tom is a big fan of the Perimeter Institute, and has worked with their outreach team bringing their resources to life in his classroom, and educating other teachers about them.
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  • placeholder

    Aditi Garg

    Aditi teaches high school math in French immersion and is passionate about youth engagement with nature in any subject.
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  • bwAnjuli Ahooja200x200

    Anjuli Ahooja

    Currently the AP Physics teacher at Appleby College, an elite Independent School in Oakville, Ontario.
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  • bwBrigitte Loiselle200x200

    Brigitte Loiselle

    Brigitte is part of a team at The Centre de développement pédagogique (CDP)
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  • bwBryan_Chappell200x200

    Bryan Chappell

    “Religion without science is blind; science without religion is lame.” Albert Einstein
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  • bwCarly Deboice_200x200

    Carly DeBoice

    I am interested in creating opportunities for teens to engage with science and technology in purposeful ways.
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  • bwChristie McClure200x200

    Christie McClure

    We favour an application-based approach in our physics classroom by trying to engage students in as many hands-on and authentic activities as possible.
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  • bwClayton Ellis200x200

    Clayton Ellis

    I have been exploring various avenues that allow students to connect with their peers around Canada as well as globally
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  • bwCristina_Mourelle200x200

    Cristina Mourelle

    In my youth, I had two passions: nature and teaching.
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  • bwDianaHall_200x200

    Diana Hall

    I derive equations for solving problems and then focus a bit on space-time diagrams to illustrate similiar problems.
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  • bwDiane Campeau200x200

    Diane M. Campeau

    Diane Campeau has contributed to various projects in QC and BC particularly regarding Indigenous education.
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  • bwDimitri200x200

    Dimitri Anastopoulos

    Dimitri is part of a team at The Centre de développement pédagogique (CDP).
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  • Screenshot 2023-06-04 173659

    Élisabeth Jobin

    Preserving the environment for future generations is a very important issue. What better way to address this than by getting them involved in a miniature boat building project where they will choose and compare different construction materials. For example, the students will look at the use of different materials and determine which one is produced […]
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  • bwÉric Morrissette200x200

    Éric Morissette

    Éric and his team demonstrate how students can get involved in creating an experiment and analyzing and designing a technical object.
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  • bwErin Cameron200x200

    Erin Cameron

    We favour an application-based approach in our physics classroom by trying to engage students in as many hands-on and authentic activities as possible.
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  • bwGlenGuthrie_200x200

    Glenn Guthrie

    I create and facilitate school science and technololgy economy projects in five communities in the Northwest Territories.
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  • bwHan Chau200x200

    Han Chao

    Appleby College is focused on global education and on integration of technology into the curriculum.
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  • bwHuguette_200x200

    Huguette Thibeault

    As a college teacher for over 35 years, Huguette has established environmental partnerships with various scientific and research communities.
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  • bwJohanne Patry_200x200

    Johanne Patry

    I favor projects and activities during which the learner is exponentially involved in the exploration aspect of science and technology of the world around them.
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  • Photo Josianne Guay

    Josianne Guay

    My name is Josianne Guay and I am a math and science teacher. I work at CSSC Mercier High School in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, on the traditional territory of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation and the Ta’an Kwäch’än Council. Originally from New Brunswick, I moved to the Yukon in 2020 to begin my career as […]
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  • bwJulie_Bertrand200x200

    Julie Bertrand

    The science projects are the ones the students remember the most and learn the most from.
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  • bwjulie_bolduc_duval200x200

    Julie Bolduc-Duval

    I teach physics and astronomy in a CEGEP.
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  • bwLarry_Bogdan200x200

    Larry Bogdan

    Science is a valuable way to answer questions and learn about the world around us.
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  • bwLizWirtenen_200x200

    Liz Wirtanen

    I teach Science and Technology to 6 groups of regular grade 8 students, ages 13 and 14.
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  • bwLouis Laroche_200x200

    Louis Laroche

    Problem-based woodworking gives students a rock solid reason to become interested in math skills, to apply their knowledge in real life situations
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  • bw OCTAS-MF_200_200

    Mathieu Fortin

    Mathieu is part of the group that designed the game Parallèle.
  • bwMichelle_Olchowski200x200

    Michelle Olchowski

    I am always looking for ways to make the topics we are learning more readily accessible and engaging, and I know science on stage will help.
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  • NicoleHancock

    Nicole Hancock

    Nicole is the Executive Director of Safe Drinking Water Foundation, a Canadian charity that sends water testing kits to schools across Canada and educates students and the general public about drinking water quality issues and solutions
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  • ouadi

    Ouadi Beya

    IUT PAJOL (Paris City University) Over 100 million years, bees exist and have developed an ultra-organized society. A bee can fly at 32 km/h while carrying a load equivalent to half its weight. The connected hive is a wooden enclosure equipped with sensors controlled by an Arduino board and allowing real-time monitoring of the intimate […]
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  • bwPatrickFrenet_200x200

    Patrick Fernet

    ISPAJES has received 10 prestigious prizes in Canada, including the 2002 Michael-Smith award.
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  • Screenshot 2023-06-04 173826

    Paul Stinson

    Every day on Earth, micrometeorites land on our roofs. The Earth, in its trajectory through space, intercepts different objects, with the help of the force of gravity. We developed an experimental method to detect and make a micrometeorite collection. Efforts were interrupted by the pandemic, affecting results.   To create context for these tiny particles, […]
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  • bwPeter_MacDonald200x200

    Peter MacDonald

    Keen on developing a strong physics program that both develops critical thinking and prepares students for university academics.
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  • bwRobin st-Pierre200x200

    Robin St-Pierre

    I am a science teacher with a B.Sc. in Physics
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  • admin-ajax

    Roger Guay, Dr

    Dr, Guay often advises consulting firms in soil characterization studies with regards to the fate of sulfur compounds
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  • bwRon_Chatterson200x200

    Ron Chatterson

    Ron has a strong belief in the value of trades and his primary educational role was to introduce students to trades as a potential career.
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  • bwSally_Meadows200x200

    Sally Meadows

    Creating and delivering innovative science programming for kids and youth for over 14 years
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  • bwSarahTorrie_200x200

    Sarah Torrie

    I am part of the Toronto Biotech team which is working to include more biotechnology in high school science.
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  • bwSteve_Elton200x200

    Steve Elton

    The Safe Drinking Water Foundation (SDWF) is a charitable organization whose mission is to encourage the universality of safe drinking.
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  • bwStuart_Farmer200x200

    Stuart Farmer

    A leading member of the Optoelectronics College, developing innovative practical work and learning activities for students and related professional development activities for teachers.
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  • bwTim Molnar_200x200

    Tim Molnar

    Tim is committed to teacher education with a special interest in First Nations perspectives and problem based learning.
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  • bwTinaRioux_200x200

    Tina Rioux

    In 2008/2009, I brought one group of students to the CLS for Students on the Beamlines.
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  • bwtracy walker200x200

    Tracy Walker

    My role is to develop and deliver innovative educational programming for students and educators.
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  • bwUte Haensler_200x200

    Ute Haensler

    Ute represents Science on Stage Deutschland e.V
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  • Screenshot 2023-06-04 173533

    Véronique Corbeil

    ENERGY + STRENGTH = BIRDIE   Learn science and become a better golf player !    How can we make learning fun? How can we support teachers in a skills-based approach?   Turn your students into business apprentice! This interdisciplinary kit includes a STEM challenge in the science/math section. The educational intention is to design a […]
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  • bwWojceik Nawrocik_200x200

    Wojciech Nawrocik

    Science on Stage Europe brings together science teachers from across Europe to share best practice in science teaching.
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