Government and the Private Sector in Education

Note: This discussion is regionally based because the small group consisted mostly of participants from Quebec.

Problem Definition:

  • The education system seems reluctant to adopt innovative methods from the private sector. Based on a specific case in Quebec, a course developed by the private sector has never received accreditation from the government, despite acceptance from the education community. This has potential for neglecting the importance of establishing links between the needs of the private sectors and the science curriculum in school. Fostering this link would help to create a qualified workforce in the future.

Mission Statement:

  • We propose consideration for the development of a program that will structure a public-private partnership (PPP) between the education system and private sector in an anonymous and transparent relationship.


  • To give examples of applied science and applied science careers to the students so that they have an understanding of science careers.

  • To support a link between the private sector, Universities, research, high school and elementary school.

  • To assure that the development of competencies will be made in a meaningful context.

  • To foster the development of competencies according to Quebec reform with support from the private sector.

  • To prepare the next generation for future careers, to assure an educated work force, and to foster innovation.

  • To help the teachers achieve their goals by giving them the necessary knowledge, role models, equipment, funding and method to prepare their students to face tomorrows challenges.

Download the Power Point discussion here.

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