Cristina Mourelle

Cristina Mourelle

Science and Technology teacher, QUÉBEC

In my youth, I had two passions: nature and teaching.

From a Uruguayan father and a French mother, I was born in Buenos Aires.  Argentina possesses vast plains known as the “Pampas”, suitable for agriculture and cattle breeding. In my youth, I had two passions: nature and teaching.

As a nature lover, I studied Biology at the Faculty of Sciences in Buenos Aires and a graduate program in Ecology in Mexico, the University of Utah and UCLA. As a teacher in a variety of subjects from private french and math lessons at the age of 15 to Ecology, Environmental Science and Statistics at university , to Secondary Science. I have a Master’s and Ph.D in Ecology at UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico). Mexico fascinated me with the warmth of its people, its ecosystems variety and its rich cultural diversity.

In 1993, I married a Mexican physicist; in 1996 my first son was born. In 1997, I won a post-doctoral fellowship to study in forestry and biogeography at York University, Canada. From 1999 to 2003, at the University of Edmonton, I worked on the impact of forestry management on the boreal forest biodiversity. After my second child was born, I obtained a bachelor of Education at the University of Moncton and UPEI. Since 2006, I am happily teaching Science and Technology at the Secondary level in Quebec, Canada.