About SoSC

What is Science on Stage?

SoSC brings together the best minds in science education to inspire young people to explore science and technology by providing teachers with tools to transform their classrooms...

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Attend SoSC in Canada

Learn more about SoSC Flaship event in Canada 2014

We are currently preparing the fourth edition of Science on Stage Canada flagship event (SoSC4) for 2014.

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Attend SoS in Europe

Learn more about SoSEU festival in Europe 2013

The 8th European SoS festival will take place from 25 to 28 April 2013 in Frankfurt (Oder). The participants are chosen at competitive national events in 27 countries.

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Featured educators

Johanne Patry, QC

JP Instructional Leadership Pédagogique, Primary and secondary

Biography - By participating in the creation of a personal network I have had the opportunity to participate to many edition of Science on Stage even the Physics on Stage original events.
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Louis Laroche, QC

École Lanaudière, Primary

Biography - I am an elementary level teacher who motivates my students through projects for which I received the Prime Minister’s Award in Education. I have created a special project in which students solve math problems
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Tina Rioux

Science Grades 9 and 10 and Senior Biology Teacher, Saskatoon, SK

Biography - I teach Science 9 and 10, Biology 20 (grade 11) and Biology 30 (grade 12) at Evan Hardy. In 2008/2009, I brought one group of students to the CLS for Students on the Beamlines.
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Glenn Guthrie

Resources Communication Officer, Sahtu Renewable Resources Board, Norman Wells, NWT

Biography - I create and facilitate school science and technololgy economy projects in five communities in the Northwest Territories. Five traditional economy programs
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Peter MacDonald

Teacher at James M. Hill Memorial high school NB

Biography - Peter teaches physics, astronomy, computer science, and mathematics at James M. Hill Memorial high school in Mira-michi, NB: http://jmh.nbed.nb.ca/teacher/mr-macdonald. When there
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